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Now Available: The Bullying Prevention Book of Lists, A Comprehensive Resource for Educators

The new book, The Bullying Prevention Book of Lists, by Dr. Kenneth Shore, is an invaluable resource for any administrator, teacher,The Bullying Prevention Book of Lists or school staff member wanting to understand more about bullying and take meaningful steps to respond to and prevent it. It is designed for readers to be able to quickly access critical information, detailed guidance, and effective strategies.

In ten concise chapters the book addresses a broad spectrum of topics, including the following:

  • The 5 “W”s of bullying: What is it, When does it occur, Where does it take place, Why do young people bully, Who is likely to engage in bullying.
  • Facts and figures on bullying.
  • The effects of bullying on students who are bullied, students who bully other, and students who witness bullying.
  • The legal responsibilities of schools.
  • The meaning and methods of cyberbullying, as well as warning signs and safeguards.
  • Special considerations for legally protected classes of students, including students with disabilities and LGBT students.
  • Building safeguards against bullying into a student’s IEP.
  • Creating a positive and safe school climate for all students.
  • Promoting values of respect, tolerance and honesty.
  • Developing bullying prevention policies.
  • Engaging parents.
  • Choosing and implementing comprehensive bullying prevention programs.
  • Preventing bullying through social emotional learning.
  • Delivering anti-bullying lessons.
  • Decreasing bullying in the schoolyard and on the school bus.

In an extensive Resources section, Dr. Shore recommends useful organizations and websites for school staff, parents and students, as well as links to downloadable surveys and guidance documents, and fiction and non-fiction books for students in elementary, middle and high school. Selected short and full-length films, songs, and anecdotes of celebrities who were bullied are also included in the Resources section.

The book is now available for purchase at

About the Author:

Dr. Kenneth Shore has written numerous books, including The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention: A Comprehensive Schoolwide Approach,  and the laminated reference guides, An Educator’s Guide to Bullying Prevention; Classroom Management: A Guide for Elementary Teachers; A Teacher’s Guide to Working With Parents; A Parent’s Guide to Working With Teachers, and Bullying Prevention for Students with Disabilities (all published by NPR, Inc./Dude Publishing). In addition, he is the featured presenter in the video series, “The ABC’s of Bullying Prevention.”

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