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The Inclusive Education Checklist is Here!

Now Available for Purchase: The Inclusive Education Checklist: A Self-Assessment of Best Practices

The Inclusive Education Checklistinclusive-education-checklist-cover-icbo is an indispensable tool for assisting schools, districts, administrators, policy makers, community members and professionals interested in education, as well as parents and youth, assess, develop, implement, sustain, and continuously improve quality inclusive services for students with disabilities.

Authors Richard Villa and Jacqueline Thousand describe 15 inclusive education best practices and then provide a list of 8-32 indicator questions for each best practice. Readers are instructed to provide a 1-5 rating for each indicator question, and then tally the results. The authors explain how to interpret the total score, mean score, and range of scores. With this data, educators can assess the general degree to which a best practice is being implemented and the extent of school progress toward achieving that best practice. Scores will also indicate the variability of implementation and a general course of action going forward.

The 15 inclusive education best practices examined in the book are:

  1. Understanding what inclusion is and is not
  2. Home-school-community collaboration
  3. Administrative practices supportive of inclusive education
  4. Redefined roles and responsibilities of general educators; special educators, related services personnel, English language learning and other specialists; and paraeducators
  5. Collaborative planning and creative problem solving for school and post-secondary options
  6. Co-teaching
  7. Student-centered strength-based assessment
  8. Strategies for facilitating access to the general education curriculum
  9. Differentiation of instruction
  10. Student empowerment and natural supports
  11. Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)/Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtI2)
  12. Positive behavioral supports
  13. Integrated delivery of related services
  14. Transition planning
  15. Site-based continuous planning for sustainability of inclusive education best practices

The book is now in stock and available for immediate shipment. For more information and to order, please visit

What Readers Are Saying About The Inclusive Education Checklist

“I believe this book is essential for inclusive school best practice accountability measures! There is a huge need to assess current practices and promote best practices within inclusive education services and supports. Richard Villa and Jacqueline Thousand have written the most important assessment tool for schools to celebrate inclusive education accomplishments and further their services to best practice. This will also help struggling schools get on the journey towards reimagining and establishing quality student-centered services that meet the needs of all learners. I highly recommend this book for all schools that are focused on providing quality effective education for all learners in their school community.” – Patrick Schwartz, Ph.D., Professor, Diversity in Learning and Teaching Program Teacher Preparation, National Louis University

“This book is a beautiful resource to help schools use real data to improve their abilities to be inclusive. Incredibly useful in providing concrete ideas of best practice in a way to lets teams assess, discuss and improve.” – George Theoharis, Ph.D., Department Chair, Teaching and Leadership, Syracuse University

Once again Villa and Thousand have given us a practical guide to creating inclusive schools. This books is unique in that it allows collaborative teams to self-assess and determine goals and actions to initiate, implement, and sustain inclusive education. It is an excellent resource that meets teams where they are on the journey of inclusion and guides them forward!” – Jodi Robledo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Special Education Program Coordinator, California State University San Marcos

About the Authors

IMG_1414Richard A. Villa, Ed.D., is President of Bayridge Consortium, Inc. His primary field of expertise is the development of administrative and instructional support systems for educating all students within general education settings. He has authored seventeen books and has presented at international, national, and state education conferences.

Jacqueline S. Thousand, Ph.D., is a nationally known teacher, author, systems change consultant, and disability rights and inclusive education advocate. She is the author of numerous books, research articles, and chapters on issues related to inclusive schooling, organizational change strategies, differentiated instruction and universal design, co-teaching and collaborative teaming, cooperative group learning, creative problem solving, and positive behavioral supports. She is a professor at California State University San Marcos.

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