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Inclusive Education Best Practices: Differentiated Instruction [FREE Download]

Does your school provide quality inclusive education? The Inclusive Education Checklist is a new book by Richard Villa and Jacqueline Thousand, that is designed to assist schools, districts, administrators, policy makers, community members and professionals interested in education, as well as parents and youth, assess, develop, and implement inclusive services for students with disabilities.

In this free, 5-Page download, we explore one of the 15 best practices described in the book, Differentiated Instruction.

What’s included?

  • An overview of Differentiated Instruction
  • the 4 Access Design Points for Differentiating Instruction
  • Inclusive Education Best Practice Checklist


Click the Image Below to download the PDF

ICBO Free Download

Interested in learning more on inclusive education best practices? Check out the book The Inclusive Education Checklist by Richard Villa & Jacqueline Thousand. You’ll learn what inclusion is, what inclusion is not, co-teaching, positive behavioral supports, and more!

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Did You Know? 5 Facts About Bullying [Infographic]

There is not an educator in America today for whom bullying is not a concern and bullying prevention is not a responsibility. In this infographic, we outline the most common types of bullying, as well as identify some hard to believe statistics about bullying in schools.

bullying prevention infographic - 5 Facts About Bullying

The Bullying Prevention Book of Lists

In his new book, The Bullying Prevention Book of Lists: A Practical, Easy-to-Use Guide for All School Staff, Dr. Kenneth Shore presents need-to-know information on the various types of bullying and offers practical and realistic strategies for responding to bullying incidents and preventing them. Designed to provide school administrators, teachers, and support with quick access to key information and practical strategies. Order your copy today for just $12.95 at

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