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Bring Mindfulness to Your Life and Your Classroom Starting Now

New Quick-Reference Guide for Teachers Now Available

Schools across the country are introducing mindfulness to students as early as kindergarten, with many classroom teachers now allotting time throughout the day or week for mindfulness practice. The reason for the growing popularity of mindfulness is simple: It works. As recently reported in a post for Edutopia by Youki Terada, multiple studies show that mindfulness not only helps lower stress, increase mood, and improve coping skills, but it even boosts academic performance.

As teachers hear more and more about the benefits of mindfulness, many of them want to incorporate it into their classroom, but don’t know how or where to begin. Elizabeth McAvoy and Jacqueline Thousand have written a six page quick-reference laminated guide to help K-12 teachers learn to practice mindfulness in their own lives and teach it to their students. The guide, Mindfulness for Teachers and Students, explains why mindfulness works, and emphasizes quick and easy ways to incorporate it into daily life and into the classroom. Sections include:

  • Mindfulness 101
  • Daily mindfulness for teachers
  • Meditation techniques
  • Mindfulness activities for the classroom
  • Guided meditation
  • Cultivating optimism
  • Using the senses
  • Personal mindfulness journal

The guide is available now for immediate delivery and can be purchased on the NPR, Inc. website for $12.95 each. Volume discounts are offered for orders of 11 copies or more. Place your order today!

Order the Guide

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